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Shantel Taylor

Certified Nutritionist.

Life Coach.


Transformation Master.

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Not ready for private coaching? I got you. Subscribe and get annual access to the weekly exclusive recipes the SHEtrition babes get; ranging from dinner, breakfast, snack and dessert recipes including macro breakdowns for every occasion. Best part? Unlock for less than $3 a month!

*This subscription does not include one-on-one coaching, customized meal plans/training, portion recommendations, or the other customized approaches received by SHEtrition members*



A weekly chat about all things mindset, self-care, entrepreneurship and transforming, for the woman of color who is adamant about breaking limiting beliefs, lifelong habits, and creating the life she wants to lead in the body she’s proud of. Join your host Shantel Taylor, nutritionist and self-proclaimed transformation master, every Monday for short, sweet, and no BS episodes that will give you the jolt of inspiration you need to kick ass all week long.



WOW! 🥺 Force of Habit hit 25,000 downloads this weekend. I remember finally deciding to just buy a mic, and commit to recording my first episode (that took me 11 takes), and here we are, just 16 episodes later and evolving into our best selves. Thank you chicken nugget gang! #CryingInTheClub ...

GUYS! 😭🎉 IM SO FREAKING PROUD OF TANISHA! Each and every new round in the program she never ceases to amaze me. Her progress? Bomb as fuck, yeah. But her consistency, her drive, her perseverance is amaze-balls ⭐️
This wasn’t a quick journey, we’ve been working together since the end of last year. But every single check in she shows up (and shows out), and is ready to be pushed, coached or just pat on the back.
We’ve made sure that what she does feels natural, leaves her challenged and above all, is sustainable... and that’s exactly what it is!
As you can see, Tanisha had a very deep abdominal fold (we all store fat differently)- and I knew coming in, it was going to take time to not only erase the fold, but to then tone and shape her core again, so we worked in stages- specifically “rounds”. With each round in the program focusing on a new stage of her journey.

Without consistency, we wouldn’t be here. HELLO abs 👀
So so so proud of all my SHEtrition babes! Check ins the last week have been fucking win FILLED. Gearing up for a brand new month and brand new WINS. But you know what.... we also invite the challenges, the bad weeks, the stalls because without them, there is no change, no progress, no transformation.
Let’s get ready to smash the weekend, boos!