Let's Transform Your Body and Routine

I help millennial women of color stop the yo-yo dieting so that they can lose weight sustainably while mending their relationship with food, healing their mindset, and creating a powerful morning routine. 

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Hey boo.

I'm a nutritionist who battled with her own body image in a world of perfect instagram fitness influencers- I want to help you tune out the noise so that you can love your body and your food again, all while creating an inspiring routine that leaves you excited to tackle your goals.

Teaching Women How to Lose Weight That Feels Good

I'm READY for you to GO FROM all the way stuck to intentional as FU... Heck

yes, sis! I'm ready

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91% of women are
unhappy with their bodies

80% of women suffer from food guilt

65% of FAD and restrictive dieters will gain all of their weight back

You're in the right place.

We exist to help women hit their body goals,
without extreme restricting
so they can still enjoy the foods they love on their weight loss journey


Women who have started their journey's with me


Pounds lost without FAD dieting/restriciting


Inches lost 


Unhealthy, unserving habits lost 

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BE AN ICE CUBE - How Progress Really Works

OWN IT - Mindset Hacks to Transform Your Body

TALK TO ME NICE - Affirming The Life You Want 

EAT THE FROG - My 6 Figure Morning Routine

Shantel Taylor on
Getting Uncomfortable and Doing More Sh*t That Scares You



Force of Habit


The must-listen podcast for women on their journey to Feel good weight loss and inspiring daily routines. Tune in for your weekly laugh, motivation, and the occasional kick in the pants

In SHEtrition Academy, we strip away all the rules and get down and dirty with your habits, unproductive mindset, and your unhealthy relationship with food in order to breakthrough and start hitting goal after goal on your weight loss journey.

SHEtrition Academy


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My Program

"This program completely changed my life and my relationship with food"


Jazmine W:

I'm Shantel, your new intentional friend.

I started where you are. My days were unproductive, at times just sheer lazy and overwhelming, which led to spirit crushing bouts with anxiety, overwhelm and weight gain. It wasn't until I changed my diet, my routines, and habits that my life completely transformed.

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hey babe!

Steal 4 Of My Favorite Prep Recipes 

What better way to sample the goods than to... well, sample the goods. Steal some of my client's favorite recipes that will have you re-thinking what meal prep is really about.

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Ready to Become Your Own Body Goals?

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