Let's Transform Your Body and Routine

I help career oriented women of color stop yo-yo dieting and stalling their progress in order to transform their body, mindset and morning routine permanently.

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Hey boo.

I'm ready to take you from disorganized, unmotivated and unstructured to leading a life filled with productive habits, routines and a better relationship with food.

Coaching for Women Who Want to Transform

READY TO GO FROM all the way stuck to intentional as F... Heck

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I'm ready to inspire and serve you, boo.

In SHEtrition Academy, we get down and dirty with your bad habits, unproductive mindset, and your unhealthy relationship with your food in order to breakthrough and make your weight loss journey exciting and loving, not miserable.

SHEtrition Academy

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A weekly chat about all things mindset, self-care, entrepreneurship and transforming, for the woman of color who is adamant about breaking limiting beliefs, lifelong habits, and creating the life she wants to lead in the body she's proud of.


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"This program completely changed my life and my relationship with food"


Jazmine W:

I'm Shantel, your new intentional friend.

I started where you are. My days were filled with sheer unproductively, laziness, and overwhelm that lead to a ton of bouts with anxiety, overwhelm and weight gain. It wasn't until I changed my diet, my routines, and habits that my life completely transformed.

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Steal 4 Of My Favorite Prep Recipes 

What better way to sample the goods than to... well, sample the goods. Check out a few of amazing recipes that I include on meal plans! 

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