"Since starting your program, my skin has taken a turn for the better... I never realized how much my diet affected my skin"

atallah's non scale wins were major

 6 week progress photo.

"I lost 20 pounds and 17 inches, when I did my final check-in I cried!! Thank you Shantel. I've made the most incredible mindset and body gains on this journey."

- NIa J

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I'm ready to get you out of your own way, and onto a path that is filled with goal-smashing and rocking self confidence. Are you ready, too?

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Steal 4 Of My Favorite Prep Recipes 

What better way to sample the goods than to... well, sample the goods. Check out a few of amazing recipes that I include on meal plans! 

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I came across Shantel's page on Instagram two years ago. I was fresh off of a different program, but was greatly disappointed at the level of service. I was at a plateau and really strugglin. Looking at her clients successes, I knew I had to give her a try. That was one of the best decisions I could've made.

Her coaching style is so refreshing - very knowledgeable, attentive, and inspiring. But she's also a straight shooter with clients when necessary because she really wants you to succeed. She really seeks to understand your needs and helps map out the best plan for YOU. It's not cookie cutter. She's very accessible, which is what I hadn't found in coaches before. The Facebook community is amazing and really gives us a space to share our wins and struggles and motivate each other. Meal plans are AMAZING - No dry chicken, fish and asparagus every day. You actually look forward to eating the meals. And I have done her program and here it is two years later - still maintaining and thriving off of not only the physical but mental fitness tips she has fostered during my time with her. You have to give her a try - you will not regret it.


Now, what was said?

Before I joined SHEtrition I thought the only way to lose weight was to go through a miserable diet. I would always try to do low carb or keto. I felt miserable. I would lose the weight but gain back twice as much once I stop following the diet. SHEtrition taught me how to properly fuel my body. I don’t have to have a miserable unsustainable diet in order to lose weight. I can eat the things I enjoy (in moderation) and still see progress. Even after I’m done with the program, this meal plan is something I will continue to follow long term (it’s that good!). My mindset has changed so much in such few weeks. I’ve come to a realistic understanding of how my body works, change doesn’t happen over night so don’t expect your body to. I’m happy where I am now but still striving for a better healthy me everyday ❤️ 


The most impactful thing I learned from the Shetrition program is the power of portion control. My body can thrive when I fill it with healthy food. In 8 weeks I lost 15 pounds and inches all over... More importantly I realized I can have anything I am willing to work for!


"I realized I can have anything I'm willing to work for!"

"Working with Shantel has been one of the biggest blessings of 2020!! I have always struggled with my weight, and tried every diet under the sun. Even if I got results, they would never last. I feel like I got to a point where I didn't even believe I could reach my ideal weight. I was tired of feeling frustrated with how I looked, and finally decided that enough was enough. 

I didn't realize how much I needed to reset my habits- which is exactly what Shantel helped me do. I needed to start from the fundamentals of my nutrition, and completely change how I thought about food and my "go-to" quick meals. Thanks to Shantel, I've completely changed how I eat, what I like to eat, and am completely motivated to continue to get my body in the best shape possible!! After losing 23 pounds in my first round, I'm gearing up for a 2nd, and probably more after that! I'm finally understanding this is a journey, where I get to choose myself, take care of myself, and love myself, regardless of the number on the scale. I'm so grateful for Shantel's program and her pushing me to be intentional AF!!"


While I’m just 4 weeks into the program, I’ve already scored incredible (small) wins! I crushed the first three weeks, sticking to workouts and the meal plan with only a few slip ups. But I wasn’t seeing any movement on the scale. Feeling super defeated, I reached out to the SHEtrition team and was reminded to “celebrate the small wins and put less emphasis on what doesn’t seem to be changing.” That message seriously propelled me through! Before this program, I used to stop working out around the second week because I wasn’t seeing any changes in my body or the scale. Now I realize that every clean meal and decision to workout is a building block toward my goals! Super excited to crush the rest of this program.