"Since starting your program, my skin has taken a turn for the better... I never realized how much my diet affected my skin"

atallah's non scale wins were major

 6 week progress photo

"I've been sticking to the meal plans since January and I am down 35 lbs! Still have a ways to go, definitely on my way!"

— Brook R.

"Down 35 pounds!"

"I came into this thinking that I'd come out looking better and being more healthy/fit, which I am, but I have discovered SO much more through this journey... I'm so grateful that I chose to do this. Thank you, Shantel, for teaching me how to live a new, healthy lifestyle, showing me what balance looks like and helping me get closer to my goal."

- Marcella S.

"This program benefitted me in such an amazing way"

"The support and everything is unmatched. And as someone who LOVES to eat, the recipe index is the game changer. All the foods you love and you are still able to meet, hell, exceed your goals! I bounced back better!!!"

- Jessie M.

"I'm so happy. This really is the best decision I could have made" 

"Every week, I have been asking myself who do I wanna become?
Slowly, I am seeing her!"

— Mariam C.

65 pounds down!

"I finally see the finish line. Just keep going. It's worth it."

— Cochea R.

"Just keep going. It's worth it"

"I I'm amazed by what I see in the mirror... My husband can't keep his hands off me!"


- Sunni C.

"I really feel like there's nothing I can't do! I've discovered a new level of confidence."


- Alexis P.

"Losing weight isn't easy, but this program simplified the steps."


- Ezra H.

"Without Shantel... I would be no where near where I am today"


- Taylor V.

"This program really helped me. I learned to love and actually enjoy eating"


- Emilyn S.

The most impactful thing I learned from the Shetrition program is the power of portion control. My body can thrive when I fill it with healthy food. In 8 weeks I lost 15 pounds and inches all over... More importantly I realized I can have anything I am willing to work for!

"In 8 weeks, I lost 15 pounds and inches all over"

- Amea

"Since starting the program in January, I've lost more than 20 lbs! I haven't been this size since my junior year in college, over 5 years ago! It brought me to tears seeing progress photos of myself, because like many women, this has been a life-long journey for me."

- Nina R

"I've lost more than 20 pounds!
Haven't been this size since junior year of college!"

(Lost 50 pounds in her first year
 Inside Shetrition)

My experience through SHEtrition was a rocky one. This program pushed me in ways I needed to be pushed. It helped me find a daily routine with not only working out but also with cooking and meal prepping. I became more confident in my body and my curves. This program helped me love the parts of me I didn’t like. My transformation at the end was amazing. I recommend this to anyone that asks me. 

I have already felt an incredible change.  The workouts are challenging yet manageable in terms of time. And I cannot tell you enough about how delicious the meal plan is. Not only am I never hungry, the meals are really tasty. I never feel like I’m giving anything up. I have cooked meals that I look forward to eating the next day, I’ve saved a lot of money and in general I have felt so much better about myself. 



Shantel has literally changed my mindset on the way I move around food. We’re allowed a cheat meal, and my body has gotten so used to eating the right kinds of foods that I don’t really crave the sweets and foods that I used too. The food itself has such an impact on your body then adding in the workouts, which are also amazing by the way! I love that they continue to challenge me! I have made a few mistakes but I’ve given myself grace and that the atmosphere of the community built around this brand is always encouraging and reminding us that we are human. I will recommend this again and again! Consistency is key!



I came in with the intention to just lose weight from having twins and get better eating habits but I’m finishing the program stronger. I’ve lost weight, I’ve gained new confidence, and a supportive group of women that shared tips, ideas, their challenges and shared in each other’s successes and wins during the program. 

"I've lost weight, I've gained new confidence, and a supportive group of women..."

In SHEtrition, we strip away all the food rules that you're use to and get to the heart of your weight loss by transforming your mindset, routine, and your relationship with food so that you can lose your weight, for good.

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