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Meet Alexis!

After having a 10 lb baby, and her kidney donation, one of Alexis’ main goals coming into the program was to just feel good in her skin. Although it seemed like a broad goal, sometimes wanting to feel good about your body is drive enough to push through your journey. We did a ton of mindset work together during her first 8 weeks- learning to balance treats and cheat meals, girls days, and cooking for both her family and herself.
In just 8 weeks Alexis lost 13 inches, 20 pounds, and most importantly feels confident in her clothes. Check, check, and check! 
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Meet Tanisha!

Tanisha was the perfect example of the one foot in, one foot out “dieter” before she entered the program. She struggled with being consistent in both departments- she was either going full force with workouts, and slacking majorly with eating (big no no), or consistent in the kitchen with no push in the gym. In just two rounds (16 weeks) we were able to get Tanisha crushing both with food, and the gym, while allowing her routine to feel second nature.
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Meet Ezra!

Say it with me…. consistency! Something I am forever preaching to anyone who will listen. When Ezra first reached out, consistency was non-existent. She would crush it for the first few weeks, have a bad day, and completely throw in the towel. Something every woman reading this can identify with (been there, done that). In Ezra’s 8 weeks, we did a ton of mindset work so that even through her bad days, she felt mentally strong enough to hop back on the horse and keep pushing. The outcome? This amazing story! She’s still currently crushing her goals!
Check out Ezra’s incredible transformation here!

Meet Dominique!

Dominique is on her weight gain journey, and after just 8 weeks in the program, she gained almost 13 pounds and 12.6 inches (while losing inches in her waist). Not to mention, Dominique was such a fun client! She, like most women on their journey to gain, had no clue how to structure her meals, or workouts- and struggled with knowing what worked for her body since she had always been smaller. A structured meal plan and workouts with tons of accountability and reassurance, got us to an incredible 8 week mark!
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Meet Alexis!

For my girls who are struggling through the toning process- this is for you! Alexis had been working out consistently with a trainer before reaching out (roughly 2 years), and although she made great progress she was struggling getting over the last stage of toning, which was losing that last layer of noticeable fat in her midsection. Her main goal, and biggest motivator was wanting to look amazing in a bikini. I think we definitely accomplished that. I created a meal plan for her that I knew she’d thrive in, made adjustments along the way, and created a training regimen that would push and challenged her. Alexis never missed a check-in, reached out for support when she needed it, and just 8 weeks later, we had a huge break through! 
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Meet Rhianna!

Something I love more than a physical transformation (although I loveeee physical wins), is the mental transformation that happens in the program. They day Rhianna and I did our last check-in and she sent in her final update, she expressed how proud she was of herself, and how just 8 short weeks prior, she never would of thought she would make the progress she did. Surprising yourself is common in the SHEtrition Program, and I’m so proud of every win that came from our time together! Rhianna was moving during her weeks, but that didn’t stop her. Over 7 inches off her waist, 3 off thighs, and 3 off arms is QUITE the win if you ask me. Imagine just two more months? 
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Meet Sunni!

When Sunni first joined, the only thing on her mind was fitting into her wedding reception dress! After a fitting gone wrong- I remember she sent me an e-mail disappointed and worried if she needed to order a size up before her big day. My response? NOPE, we’re going to push ourselves, and it’s going to fit. And guess what? It did! Sunni showed up, and showed out. She never missed a check-in, we made adjustments along the way to make sure that her food and her training was still working for her, and in just 8 weeks, she had the reception of her dreams, and the dress to match. 
Check out her full story here! 

Meet Taylor!

Just 6 weeks after having her sweet baby, Taylor and I got started on her mommy snapback! Taylor’s story is the perfect example of how important it is to have a solid support system at home- as her husband, Jordan, was instrumental in keeping her focused and helping out with their newborn when Taylor needed to train, or just needed a little help/support. With 4 kiddos at home, team work makes the dream work! Taylor was also breast-feeding her first part of her program, so we made sure she’d still make progress while not jeopardizing Aspen’s food. She never missed a check-in, voiced when she need a push, and just 8 weeks later she’s made beautiful progress just before spring. Bikini season, here we come! 
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Meet Symone!

When Symone first reached out, she was having a hard time reaching her goals because of heavy travel for work and the food that was available. After 8 weeks of close 1-on-1 coaching and teaching Symone how to prepare for her travel weeks and eat while she was away, she made this incredible progress.
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Meet Courtney!

I feel like my progress has been more inward than outward/physical this time! I’ve been feeling SO much better and far more confident and encouraged. The positive self talk is the most impactful advice you have given me so far. I will be eternally grateful lol. It has made a huge difference so thank you! ….. I’m very happy and I feel like I’m capable of transforming more…which is something I wasn’t 100 about before.
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Meet Ashanti!

When Ashanti reached out, she was no stranger to the “meal prep life”, but found herself sick and tiiieddd of boring prep choices that lead her to binging/eating out often. After 8 weeks of coaching, a tailored meal plan that was fun and gave her plenty of variety, and a training regimen that targeting her problem areas and challenged her in the gym, she made this incredible progress on her journey. Keep your eyes peeled for her Round 2 transformation!
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Meet Atallah!

“Since starting your program, my skin has taken a turn for the better.. I never realized how much my diet affected my skin.. The first 2 pics are today and the last 2 were taken a few weeks before starting your program”
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Meet Julia & Sammi!

Transformation: Bridal Edition 
Both Julia and Sammi reached out and began the program shortly after becoming engaged! Talk about a reason to kick it into high gear. After some time in the SHEtrition Program working on habits, mental health, and their routines, they were blushing (and hot body) brides in no time.
“SHANTEL!!! I’m so happy/sad that today is my last day of SHEtrition! I’ve never done anything like this before, and I’ll never be the same! Growing up, thinking about health and exercising just wasn’t a thing in my house. Even in college, I didn’t know anything about how to properly fuel my body. Now I’ve been introduced to a ton of new foods and recipes, and I actually enjoy moving my body and sweating! I’m so grateful for your guidance and encouragement. I feel better than EVER.” 
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Meet Turner!

Turner was such a fun client to coach because she absorbed information like a sponge. She wasn’t new to healthy eating, but essentially just didn’t have time to sit down and figure our what to eat let alone calculate macros and find recipes. She needed structure, especially while in school. I created a meal plan that would get her to her goals, and that was easy to maintain on a budget- helped her craft her routine, gave her a push (or a kick) when she needed it, and in just 12 weeks, she made this amazing progress! 
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Meet Marcella!

“I don’t know where to begin!!!! This program has benefitted me in such an amazing way and I had no idea it would! I came into this thinking that I’d come out of this looking better and being more healthy/fit, which I am, but I have discovered SO much more through this journey!”

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Meet Arin!

Arin joined the program because she needed structure and accountability, she knew WHY she wanted to transform but had a hard time developing a rock solid routine. We did a ton of mindset work, kept her grounded, and I reminded her often that she’s human and to enjoy those rest days and pick back up when she fell off the wagon, and that’s exactly what she did! After 6 weeks, I got this amazing update!
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Meet CheRonda!

“The best person I have EVER worked with has been Shantel Taylor White. Literally! When I tell y’all, I’ll hit her up like, “Ma’am, I need some adjustments or etc.” SHE’S there! When you work with people like her, it makes weight loss fun and easy to stick to. Y’all on the team yet?”
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Meet Gina!

“Shantel helped me last year, and changed my life forever.” 
Check out Gina’s story! 

Meet Brittany!

When Brittany first began in the program, she often felt defeated. Comparison-itis is a real disease, and she found herself comparing her journey to others a lot because it wasn’t moving as fast. Something I think we all do. We worked closely for over a year- I pushed her when she needed it, made sure her meal plans were fun, and easy to stick to and that she was also developing rock solid self-care habits. Just 1 year later, Brittany is 50 pounds down and feeling like the best version of herself as possible. 
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Meet Jasmine!

For my mamas out there, I know how difficult this journey can be while juggling being a full-time mom, and still wanting to make time for your goals. For Jasmine, she didn’t have ginormous goals, but she was having a really hard time hitting the ones she set. We worked closely with one another to develop a rock-solid routine for not only mama time, but for Jasmine time too. 
8 weeks later, she smashed every goal she set: inches off her waist, tightened her core, and toned/grew glutes! 
Check out her full story!

Meet Nia!

When Nia first reached out, she let me know that although her goal was small, she didn’t feel good in her skin- at all. Not like how she once did, but she stressed that it was important that she didn’t want to lose too much weight. So, we focused primarily on inches. She lost 3 inches in her waist, and gained almost 2 full inches in her hips/glutes. We also focused on building habits that she could easily maintain to keep making progress long after the program ended, and we definitely succeeded! 

Check out her full story! 

Meet Sonia!

After 40, Sonia was having the hardest time hitting a goal. In her application, she let me know that just losing 10 pounds was something she was really, really struggling to do- and as a principal, her work load wasn’t making it any easier. Sonia was super consistent in the gym, but intake was hit and miss (which is why I stress nutrition in the program and put most of the focus there). Just 8 weeks of true consistency by creating a meal plan that balanced macros, and forming a eating schedule that helped regulate her metabolism and of course remaining challenged in the gym, Sonia made this incredible progress. 
Check out her full story! 

Meet Angie!

When Angie first started in the program, she was making a little progress by being super restrictive and nearly starving herself with a super low calorie intake. Only to gain to all back shortly after. I worked really close with Angie during our sessions to make sure that she was not only following her program, but learning how to properly fuel herself and make progress! That’s exactly what she did, all while balancing a high demand career, and responsibilities. 24 pounds later, I got this incredible update! 
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Meet Candice!

Candice is your typically boss babe. A wife, a mom, balancing a full-time career and making it a mission to hit her goals, and be her own person. During our time together in the program, she made so much progress, both mentally and physically! Every time we spoke, we had incredible break throughs, vent sessions, and milestone wins. To this very day, she’s active in the facebook group and pushing each “newbie” (as we call them) to reach their full potential. I can’t wait to watch her progress even more. 
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