Get Intentional AF and Create the Life and Body You Want

Get Intentional AF and Create the Life and Body You Want

No more waiting, putting it off, telling yourself when things calm down at work, after that vacation, after your grandmother's daughter's sister's cousin's wedding. We're committing to ourselves, neow.

it's time you did that thing


you had me at intentional AF

Imagine waking up ready to begin and tackle your day. Waking up with energy, drive, focus, feeling rested and motivated. Imagine hitting the gym, and prepping some food and it not feeling like it's taking everything out of you... that it feels second nature, and you might even, dare I say... like it. Imagine hitting your weekly goals of showing up, being intentional, and making progress physically and mentally. 

Then imagine that it's you, and your reality. 

Let's Set The Scene...

Ready for your life to change?

"I came into this thinking that I'd come out looking better and being more healthy/fit, which I am, but I have discovered SO much more through this journey... I'm so grateful that I chose to do this. Thank you, Shantel, for teaching me how to live a new, healthy lifestyle, showing me what balance looks like and helping me get closer to my goal."

— Maricella

"This program benefitted me in such an amazing way"

I've gone through periods of stress eating, overwhelm, crying spells, no clear direction on how to get out of the rut, feeling insecure about my body and the changes that were happening so fast with it, and no magic ball that told me everything was going to be alright. How I turned it around?

I've been in your shoes, I once experienced the same exact thing

I decided on a random wednesday, that I wanted and deserved better so I created a routine and began to practice it. 

guess what...

Where we completely rewire your brain and create healthy habits around food, daily routines, and training, while kicking the habits that are no longer serving us to the curb... for good.


The SHEtrition Program

Crafted specifically for your goals, dietary restrictions, your likes, and your dislikes. Meal plans are flexible and super easy to follow, giving you direction on what to eat, taking the planning and counting out of the equation. My objective is to help you not only achieve your goal, but to coach you to develop healthy eating habits, and teach you how to frame your meals in ways that are fun, not nerve wrecking and stressful. 

Created by my small team of certified personal trainers who specialize in transforming women, in order to target the areas you want to focus on. Workouts can be home, gym, or a blend of both depending on your needs

Here's What You Get

Individualized Meal Plans

Custom Training

feature one

feature tw0

You will check in with me directly via e-mail at three points in your journey (week 3, 6, and 8) to ensure that you are on track and making progress. Accountability forms are also completed at each check-in to do a thorough self-evaluation of yourself. Being self-aware is one of the most important parts of your journey, and will help you really uncover those hard wired habits.

Milestone Check-Ins and Accountability 

feature four

Via live chat or e-mail, you'll talk directly with me during your milestone check-ins, and anytime in between!

Virtual Coaching Sessions

feature Three


You don’t have to wait until a check-in to get the support you need! I have amazing breakthroughs with my clients every single day. I am on hand whenever you need guidance or support. I also have an amazing support coach who will be on hand during your journey. She's here to help me, help you, so that you always feel communicated with and pushed.

This space is something truly magical. Find your new accountability partner, post your wins, reach out for a push or motivation, celebrate yourself and the other women who are transforming together.

I'm not done
just yet....

E-mail Support Throughout Your Journey

Access to Private Facebook Community 

feature five

feature six

In addition to your custom meal plan with recipes/meals outlined for you, I post exclusive recipes ranging from dinner preps, to desserts in the private Facebook community and e-mail campaigns, weekly.

Exclusive Recipes/Meals

feature seven

"This program has been exceedingly great! I shed pounds, then began to shape and tone up. I'm amazed by what I see in the mirror. I was about to fit into my dress... and my husband couldn't keep his hands off me!"


said yes to the dress


"I'm still amazed by the results. I really feel like there's nothing I can't do! ... I've discovered a new level of discipline and confidence"


got her groove back


"This program really taught me how to find the balance and eating what I need and not over eating... Losing weight isn't easy, but this progam simplified the steps 


found true balance


"Without Shantel creating a routine, training, and meals... and kicking my ass when I needed it, I would be no where near where I am today"


conquered post partum


"Thank you for helping me see myself differently. Words cannot explain how happy I am when I put a dress on"


saw herself in a new light


"This program really helped me. I learned to portion what I eat, and learned to love and actually enjoy clean eating... I can actually fit into clothes that I use to love again. It feels so good"


learned to love her body


real results

Program Deetz

8 Weeks 

Time investment

I am typically booked 6-8 weeks in advance, I will give you your official start date during your onboarding process, along with a few to do's as you wait to get started

start date 

After payment, I will follow up personally within 48 hours and welcome you to the program! Here, you'll receive your intake forms where I get all the details I'll need to create your program


"Thanks so much for being so motivating, even indirectly when watching your videos and looking at your posts and continuing to listen to me!"

Brooke didn't get it "right" the first time, maybe even fell off a few times in between, but none of that matters on your journey. What matters is your persistence, and your willingness to get back on the horse after you've been bucked off. Brooke did, and the progress that followed was beautiful. 


tripled her confidence

More Wins, More Inspiration

"That change alone is work everything we have done/ changed thus far! I can't stress that enough."

Alyssa not only made incredible, and boy do I mean incredible physical and mental progress, but during the program we actually were able to transform her monthly cycle 



"Overrall I feel the best I've felt in a long time, physically and mentally..." 

In the midst of a breakup and ready to commit to herself, Joy made the most incredible progress on her journey with both her mindset and her body. Together, we focused on creating new routines that poured into her day to day life, helped her heal, and regained her confidence.


healed in a beautiful way

What better way to recognize your intentionality than to put it on a shirt and wear it to the grocery store?! 
Enroll in the program today, and I'll send an extra special gift in the mail. 

Lock In Today And Get A Free Intentional Tee!


I've been there, and so many of my clients have been there too. Boring food prep, unrealistic gym schedules, no mindset work or healthy habits being put into place so.... they fall off, and repeat the cycle of making progress then losing it all, for years. We change that today! 

You're stronger than you think you are. But if you're anything like me, you need help to take your body and mindset to the next level. You're tired of FAD diets, boring food, and unrealistic restrictions. You need something that will work.... for good.

You're in the right place.

"Affirm the life that you want, and then start taking steps. Show up for yourself, every day"


Be making incredible progress at a pace that feels good to YOU, and that's sustainable 

Be showing up every day to your morning routine feeling intentional and ready

Will have a really amazing foundation of staple meals and prep recipes that are filled with flavor and easy to make 

Have a clear actionable program that won't always be easy, but feels like it fits your schedule better than any other program before

Have more confidence in yourself and your ability to step outside of your comfort zone


By the end of the program, you will...


— gina g.

"Helped me last year, and changed my life forever"

"This was the first program I've stuck to in 2 years, and I don't regret it one bit. 20 pounds down and I couldn't be happier!! Ya'll, keep pushing and kicking ass, the results WILL come" 

- Kyndra w 

"20 pounds down and I couldn't be happier!!"

- Stephanie b

"This program is literally changing my life... I really appreiciate the sisterhood. Thank you for making this possible, Shantel"

I'm Shantel, your new intentional friend.

I started where you are. My days were filled with sheer unproductively, laziness, and overwhelm that lead to a ton of bouts with anxiety, overwhelm and weight gain. It wasn't until I changed my diet, my routines, and habits that my life completely transformed.

more about me

hey babe!

A Degree Didn't Save Me...

5 years in college, and a degree in Nutrition and Food Science and minor in Psychology still wasn't enough to prevent a major fall off and tall spin into overwhelm land. It took a complete reset of my daily habits, new mindfulness and strategies with food, and creating a training ritual that was fun, therapeutic and challenging before I transformed not just my body, but my days.

 I went from stuck in a rut, to feeling powerful, and unstoppable. No more sleeping in, starting my days unprepared and frazzled, and ending them feeling like I accomplished nothing. Today, I wake up intentional, filled with drive and energy to get my shit done, while pouring into myself and nurturing my body.

This is exactly what I teach my clients to do in the SHEtrition Program 

there IS nothing that separates you from other women who transform. It will be you too, sis.

3 years ago...
I wasn't in a good place

Fad dieting? Psh! As if 

Healthy Food Doesn't Have To Suck

a meal plan that the whole family can eat

If you like boiled chicken, broccoli for days, and brown rice out the wa-zoo, then... you're in the wrong place. In my program, I frame meals around food that you actually like. Nothing you hate makes its way to your program. 

we're redefining prep with food you love

I have a recipe log 3 years in the making, and each recipe is rated by how well a set of clients liked it... or didn't. Because of this, I've been able to include the best of the best when creating meal plans, and narrowing down meals that will hit all the spots, and meals that left you wanting  while not overwhelming you in the kitchen. 

"The first two weeks on the meal plan have been way easier than expected! I really really love my menu. I don't feel like I'm "dieting", just feels like I'm eating"

- amirah C

wake up
with purpose 

structure your days
 for wins

make progress that makes you believe in you again

Follow a proven roadmap

The SHEtrition Program has everything you need to transform your body and your routine 

But let's be super, duper clear. Without action, without intention, without sweat (no, literal sweat), this program can only take you so far. Applying what you learn is the only way to move the needle on your journey. 
A plan without action means nothing.

Creating a solid morning and evening routine

Learning how to eat and frame your meals 

Challenge yourself in the gym in a way that sucks so good

Adopt new habits that serve the f*ck out of you and the goals you set, while feeling second nature and sustainable 

Transforming your body in a way you didn't think was possible for you

Feeling more balanced, and rested, and in alignment with what you're wanting to create for your life.

If you want THIS to be the year that you finally commit to:



Women who have started their journey's with me


Number of times I cried about that

This      for you if:


you're already making excuses... "I have to feed my cat today, maybe next week"




It's probably       for you if...




It's probably
for you if...

shoot me an email

I completely understand. Every dollar invested into your body is an important one! 
Ask me anything I didn't answer for you

Still on the fence?

My experience through SHEtrition was a rocky one. This program pushed me in ways I needed to be pushed. It helped me find a daily routine with not only working out but also with cooking and meal prepping. I became more confident in my body and my curves. This program helped me love the parts of me I didn’t like. My transformation at the end was amazing. I recommend this to anyone that asks me. Can’t wait to do another round.

Now, what was said?

I have already felt an incredible change.  The workouts are challenging yet manageable in terms of time. And I cannot tell you enough about how delicious the meal plan is. Not only am I never hungry, the meals are really tasty. I never feel like I’m giving anything up. I have cooked meals that I look forward to eating the next day, I’ve saved a lot of money and in general I have felt so much better about myself. 



Shantel has literally changed my mindset on the way I move around food. We’re allowed a cheat meal, and my body has gotten so used to eating the right kinds of foods that I don’t really crave the sweets and foods that I used too. The food itself has such an impact on your body then adding in the workouts, which are also amazing by the way! I love that they continue to challenge me! I have made a few mistakes but I’ve given myself grace and that the atmosphere of the community built around this brand is always encouraging and reminding us that we are human. I will recommend this again and again! Consistency is key!



I came in with the intention to just lose weight from having twins and get better eating habits but I’m finishing the program stronger. I’ve lost weight, I’ve gained new confidence, and a supportive group of women that shared tips, ideas, their challenges and shared in each other’s successes and wins during the program. I can’t wait to sign up for another round!

"I've lost weight, I've gained new confidence, and a supportive group of women..."

Steal 3 Of My Favorite Prep Recipes 

What better way to sample the goods than to... well, sample the goods. Check out a few of amazing recipes that I include on meal plans! 

gimme gimme!

How long have you been doing this? 

I've been helping women transform their body's and routines for three whole years! With a degree in nutrition and food science, and life coach certifcation under my belt

Frequently Asked Questions

How often can we check-in with you during the program?

As much, or as little, as you want! I have an amazing support coach on hand- so if you want to flood our inboxes, you can do that. If you prefer the ocassional pop in, we can do that too.

What's your coaching style? 

I'm full of energy, ready to motivate, strategize, and I know when to pull out a little tough love (we all need a kick in the ass sometimes). I'm here to listen, support, push, but never, ever judge.

Have you worked with anyone with PCOS

Yes! I have quite a few women in the program with PCOS. I'll work very closely with you so that we can find a macro set and training regimen that helps both your symptoms and fat loss.

Do you offer "nutrition only" based programs?

As of now, I do not! My clients see the best results when they do both the training and nutrition portions of the program.

Do you work with vegans? (vegetarians, pescatarians, etc)

I sure do! Whether you're a vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, don't eat eggs on Sunday, or just want one animal protein day a week- I got you. Everything is created based on your needs and wants

I have a ton of allergies, what about that?

Everything is custom, so whether you have a severe nut allergie or just hate them- nothing that you are allergic to, or dislike will be on your plans

How will you create my program since we've never met?

I'll get a very detailed questionnaire from you during the onboarding process. From that, I'll create your program based on the details you share with me.