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Shantel Taylor White

Owner and Founder of the SHEtrition Program 

What’s up, ladies! Man, am I happy to see you here. 
From the ripe old age of 14, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life. I know, I’m one of the lucky ones. No switching majors 4 times, or having a mini breakdown in college every semester wondering what I wanted to do, I knew. 
It was 8th grade career day, and as all my classmates raced out of the room to go visit adults that were placed around the school to give insight about their vocations in order to spark some sort of interest within us, I was stumped- looking down at a list, not knowing what on earth I was interested in. My home room teacher walked over to me, and suggested a nutritionist/dietician because I was active in nearly every sport, and “liked food” (don’t we all). After probing about what it was, a little spark ignited inside of me. That was it! I wanted to be a nutritionist. 
Fast forward almost 9 years later, and I graduated with a degree in Nutrition and Food Science- concentration in Dietetics, and a minor in Psychology.  
I realized shortly after graduating, and working in a dreary doctor’s office that there wasn’t a ton of help in the black community that focused on diet, and lifestyle (specifically women). I wanted to change that. I wanted to teach my community to make realistic changes, to help them reach the goals they set, and break generational habits that surrounded mental health.
So, I took a leap of faith, and started my own business. From there, Shantel Taylor Nutrition was born, and shortly after, my second baby, the SHEtrition Program.

The SHEtrition Program is a custom 8 week nutrition and fitness coaching program, that is specifically geared to help women reach both their physical and mental goals through custom meal plans, training, and 1 on 1 coaching. 

In my program, I work with:
Gluten Free
Lactose Intolerant
The Big 8 (clients allergic to nuts, fish, wheat, dairy, etc.)
Meat, Gluten, and Dairy eaters (like myself) 
I’m not stopping there, don’t worry  I also work with women who want to….
Lose Weight
Gain Weight
Post-partum Moms

Want more details?! Send in a quick application and let me know all about your goals. I’ll send a follow-up with all the juicy details about the program within 48 hours.

Not ready for private coaching? I got you. Subscribe and get annual access to the weekly exclusive recipes the SHEtrition babes get; ranging from dinner, breakfast, snack and dessert recipes including macro breakdowns for every occasion. Best part? Unlock for less than $3 a month!

*This subscription does not include one-on-one coaching, customized meal plans/training, portion recommendations, or the other customized approaches received by SHEtrition members*