The F-Bomb Dropping Coach You Need

It all started on 8th grade career day. As all my classmates raced out of the room to go visit adults that were placed around the school to give insight about their vocations in order to spark some sort of interest within us. I was stumped, looking down at a list, not knowing what on earth I was interested in. My home room teacher walked over to me, and suggested a nutritionist because I was active in nearly every sport, and “liked food” (don’t we all). After probing about what it was, a little spark ignited inside of me. That was it! I wanted to be a nutritionist. 

my dream to help women with their diets started right there

Fast forward almost 9 years later, and I graduated with a degree in Nutrition and Food Science- concentration in Dietetics, and a minor in Psychology.  
I realized shortly after graduating, and working in a dreary doctor’s office that there wasn’t a ton of help in the black community that focused on diet, and lifestyle (specifically women). 

My superpower is helping women, like you, unlock the best version of themselves. To transform your body, your mindset, and your routine in order to make progress that is here to stay

I wanted to change that. I wanted to teach my community to make realistic changes, to help them reach the goals they set, and break generational habits that surrounded mental health.

So I took a leap of faith, and started Shantel Taylor Nutrition with a goal to help just one woman with her body, from that came the SHEtrition Program. 3 years in, and I've helped over 1000 women on their journey's to transform (I may or may not cry every time I remind myself of that... I cry)


Morning routines, affirming the life you want and having structure to achieve your wildest dreams... and aliens.


Raisins. Who even thought that was a good idea?


In the kitchen Tik Toking, recording podcast episodes in the closet (sound quality is amazing, don't judge), and coaching my amazing clients

daily rituals

Morning walks, cuddles with hus-bae and kiddo, daily podcasts and audio books, afternoon journaling, kicking my clients in the pants (all good, pinky promise)

Shantel White

F word lover, and cry baby. SHEtrition's head coach is here to see you win, celebrate, and challenge yourself every step of the way. 

SHEtrition founder + OWNER

Shannah Rose

support coach

This mama of four is ready to support and push you outside of your comfort zone in order create routines that fufill you, while listening on the hard days. 

the dream team

I also have an amazing onboarding team who is engaged and ready to get you on your journey. 





Girlfriends... thanks Netflix

water... duh!

Atomic Habits

chocolate... it's always chocolate



to my kid whine

My Favorite Things

My Family — I'm the only sane one, but they're pretty okay... Okay, they're amazing and my favorite people.

my happy place!

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The Kitchen! It's my zone of serenity where all of my best ideas happen, and I'm able to escape.

All things pink. I'm ashamed at how much I love the color... and this giant pink Dolly Parton head.

My Favorite Things

All things summer. Team Leo!

my guilty pleasure

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Rom coms. I could waste away and happily drown in my own tears watching romantic comedies

Extremely extra meals for my kid! I really enjoy coming up with cool ideas to make her meals fun, and exciting 

"Thank you for your program. When I came to you I was in an incredibly low place... Heartbroken and lost. My biggest battle was regaining myself and my mind. Now months later, I am redeemed."


Abigail's Testimony:

Steal 4 Of My Favorite Prep Recipes 

What better way to sample the goods than to... well, sample the goods. Check out a few of amazing recipes that I include on meal plans! 

gimme gimme!

you're right
 let's do this!

I knew it! Since we're friends now, I think it's time for a little honesty... I know you're tired. Tired of saying you're going to hit your body goal, your routine goal, your mindset goal and a week or two later it's like.... "what did I say I wanted to do?"
I get it, which is why I think you're perfect for the Academy. 

did we just become best friends?